Think you’ve got what it takes to be #DRIPAPPROVED but Still have a few questions? Welp!!, We’ve got a few answers. Check out some of the questions that have been ask by some of our other atists.

Q: I'm An Artist. How can I submit?

All artists are required to submit here!

Q: Is there a fee to participate? Do you take a commission or any fee on sales?

The fee to participate in the show is $60 per artist. There are no commission fees on any sales that you make. So sell away!!! 💪🎨

Q: How much space do I get to setup? Are spaces assigned?

Each artist gets a standard 6 foot Wide space x 8 foot high. (There are exceptions to this in certain locations, and will be noted in the information you receive after your submission is accepted.) All spaces will be pre-sectioned and chosen by the artists at the time of arrival .

Q: When do I come to install my artwork?

Most of the time, installation of your artwork will be the day of the show. Setup time is typically scheduled between 3:00pm – 6:00pm. Please pay attention to emails you receive as that is how we’ll notify you of any changes in installation times.

Q: Who hangs my work? Do you provide Materials?

In most cases you do; however, DRIP staff will be around to assist as needed. We supply “some” materials and tools for hanging, but not always enough to cover every artist so be sure to bring enough to hang your wall artwork.

Q: Can I sell prints

Yes. You can sell prints. Each 6ft space includes Table space for prints sales. (Any exceptions will be noted in the information you receive after your submission is accepted.)

Q: I'm a Vendor. How can I submit?

All vendors are required to submit here!

Q: I’m an artist/vendor, do i have to pay to get into the show?

HECK NO! You’ll be on the guestlist for free entry! 

Q: Do I get any comp tickets for participating?

Yes, each artist gets a +1 for the show. You must fill out the +1 form on the week of the show.

Q: Where are tickets sold? And how much are they?

Tickets are sold on the Eventbrite ticket portal. Just choose your city ATLANTA 10.16 | RALEIGH 10.30 and our will be taken to the event of your choice

Q: Why is the show 21 and up only?

The show is 21 and up due to content such as live nudity, controversial subject matter and expression of art, and sometimes alcohol. If you are underage you may come to setup art but you may not attend the show. Someone may stand in for you during the show!